ODWOŁANY Koncert muzyki klasycznej wspierający renowację piwnicy Domu Polskiego

Koncert odwołany z przyczyn niezależnych od organizatorów. Za niedogodność przepraszamy.

Serdecznie zapraszamy na koncert muzyki klasycznej polskich kompozytorów.
Impreza będzie biletowana. Pieniądze z koncertu zostaną przekazane na remont dolnej kondygnacji Domu Polskiego.

Miejsce: Dom Polski. 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2.
Czas: 6 listopada (niedziela) godz. 15:00
Wstęp: 10euro (czlonkowie IPS i POSK 5 euro)
Bilety do nabycia przy drzwiach przed występem.

Gabriele Dikciute – wiolonczela
Annalisa Monticelli – fortepian
Agnieszka Bialek – flet

Gabriele Dikciute was born in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and began her musical studies at the age of 7. She had participated in many local competitions and concerts while studying in Vilnius and after finishing M.K.Ciurlionis School of Arts started her studies at the Royal Irish Academy of Music under the tutelage of Miriam Roycroft. Over the last few years she was involved in varies concerts with orchestras and chamber music projects while living in Ireland.

Annalisa Monticelli regularly performs as soloist and chamber musician. She has recorded several
CDs and performed in Italy, Spain, Romania, Argentina, Germany, Ireland and the US. She holds First Class Honours level Master’s Degrees in Piano Performance and Education from the A. Corelli Conservatory in Italy; a Masters in Music Performance from the Petrie School of Music in the USA; and a post-graduate diploma in Chamber Music from the Fiesole School of Music in Florence. Annalisa is a multiple prizewinner of both national and international awards in Chamber Music. Since she moved to Dublin in 2014 she has been in demand as an accompanist, chamber musician, and teacher. Currently she lectures in Classic Performance, Music Theatre and Jazz at DkIT. She also works as Italian teacher and Italian Opera coach at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Agnieszka Bialek moved to Dublin just a few months ago right after finishing with first-class honours her Masters in Instrumental and Vocal Music Education (Flute) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. She has also received a Diploma in Composition and Music Theory at the same university. Agnieszka works currently as a freelance musician, teaching privately piano, flute and music theory, performing chamber music, singing in choirs, and creating new pieces, mainly for small instrumental or vocal ensembles or solo instruments. Some of her works have been published by Musikverlag Doblinger and performed in Poland, Austria, Germany and Ireland.