DISTANCES 2011 - Season of Short Films - call for submissions

Attention Filmmakers!

We would like to invite you to participate in the Season of Short Films
DISTANCES 2011 and to submit your own film productions.

The Season of Short Films DISTANCES 2011 promotes production of short films and integrates the film
milieu irrespectively of state borders. Take part in the season and send us your film not later than on 15th
May 2011. Any subject matter. Playing time of a film from 1 to 30 minutes.

We welcome:

  • short film studies,
  • documentaries,
  • features,
  • impressions,
  • cartoons,
  • video-clips.

There are prizes provided for authors and viewers.

The Rules of the SSF DISTANCES are at the Organiser’s website www.poskdublin.com



I. General terms

1. The Organiser of the Season of Short Films DISTANCES 2011 is:
Polish Social and Cultural Association, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Ireland
2. The objective of the Season is promotion of short film production and integration of the film milieu irrespectively of state
3. The programme of the season consists of short films selected from the works sent to the Organiser’s address during receipt of
4. The deadline for the receipt of applications for the SSF DISTANCES 2011 is 15th May 2011 (date as postmarked).
5. The Season is of competitive character. The winners shall be granted with the awards provided in the rules.
6. The Season of Short Films DISTANCES 2011 shall take place on 4th June 2011 at the Organiser’s seat.

II. Requirements of the SSF DISTANCES 2011

1. Films submitted for the Season of Short Films DISTANCES 2011 should meet the following requirements:
a. film prepared after 1st January 2009
b. genre and subject matter – free to chose
c. playing time – 1 to 30 minutes
d. recording in a format compatible with DVD – video
e. subtitles – in English
2. Film(s) can be submitted for the Season by individuals or groups of individuals applying as a one (group) contestant - the
producer who is an owner of the right to administer the submitted film or the one who obtained permission from the producer
being an owner of such right.
3. Contestant can submit maximum 3 films.
4. Copyrights of the film(s) submitted for SSF DISTANCES 2011 cannot be limited in any way; they also cannot infringe any
copyrights or personal rights of any third parties. In the event of failing in meeting this condition the author should explain
legal situation of the film.
5. Organisers of the SSF DISTANCES 2011 shall carry out a selection among submitted films.
6. The condition of qualifying a film for selection is sending an application form, filled in and signed. The form is
downloadable from www.poskdublin.org.
7. Film(s) – two copies on DVD discs need to be sent to the Organiser with the remark: DISTANCES 2011. The deadline for
sending the films is 15th May 2011.
8. The Organiser shall not return the materials sent.
9. The list of films qualified for the Season shall be published on 21st May 2011 at the Organiser’s website.
10. The Applicants submitting the film(s) at the same time grant permission to present it (them) publicly within SSF
11. The submitted film(s) are not subject to withdrawal from the Season.
12. The Organisers reserve their right to use the materials sent for the promotion of the Season.

III. Jury and Prizes

2. 1. Films qualified for the Season of Short Films DISTANCES 2011 shall be assessed and awarded by the JURY of the
2. Members of the JURY shall be presented at the Organiser’s website on 21st May 2011.
3. For the winners of SSF DISTANCES 2011 the awards are provided:
a. Jury Award – Grand Prix of the Season of Short Films DISTANCES 2011
b. Audience Award – Audience Grand Prix of the Season of Short Films DISTANCES 2011
4. Granting Audience Grand Prix is decided by people participating in the show, through voting for a chosen film with a use of
ballots provided by the Organiser.
5. Winners’ names shall be published after presentation of films of SSF DISTANCES 2011.

IV. Final terms
1. Applying for the participation of a film in the Season of Short Films DISTANCES 2011 constitutes acceptance of these Rules.
2. All issues not included in these Rules fall under decision of the Organiser of SSF DISTANCES represented by:
a. Samanta Stochla

b. Sławomir Norberczak